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18-Aug-2018 06:38

Police said they learned of the chat from a Bavarian teen who told his father and then police about it when he realized the threat had been real.

Authorities were still trying to determine Thursday what prompted Kretschmer to carry out a bloodbath on Wednesday before turning a 9mm Beretta pistol on himself after a shootout with police.

No details on doubts Stuttgart state prosecutors, who are leading the investigation, said they were trying to reach the U. A message posted to the site Thursday said, "No killing spree was announced here." Prosecutors' spokeswoman Claudia Krauth told The Associated Press that they shared the police doubts.

"It is diametrically contrary to our earlier announcement," Krauth said.

German police said Thursday they now doubt whether a chat room post attributed to a teenager who went on a shooting rampage is real.

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With it he proved that „it is possible to compose in such a way that the music can be sung without falling back to old-fashioned traditionalism”.

Three female teachers and a boy were also shot in the school.

Another three men were killed as Kretschmer fled police.

Hinderer's statement contradicted his earlier announcement that authorities were "completely convinced of the veracity of the post." The post appeared in a chat room some six hours before the shooter, Tim Kretschmer, went on a rampage Wednesday at his former high school and killed 15 people in and around the southwest German town of Winnenden.

A joint statement released late Thursday by regional police and Stuttgart prosecutors said that, "in the course of the afternoon, doubts arose about the veracity of the Internet chat." Hinderer said a search of Kretschmer's computer had shown no trace of his having made the chat room posting.

She would not provide details on why authorities now doubt the posts.